• Dorner in his book promotes a new kind of dynamic, mutable or expression, whose result was a progressive dissolution of the perspective spatial framework and the objects in it, because it became evident that “the static (immutable) order, whose symbol is constructed three-dimensional space,  is too narrow and rigid for an adequate expression of the changes we have begun to observe…” (15) The quotation mark to “art” in the title suggests that even the contemporary conception of art is a temporary fact of human history, thus Dorner was striving to “overcome” the “surface” of this matter of question, in order to create a “realm of spirit, sense and nature that are composed of kindred energies, and these energies are “supraspatial.” (105)  This statement reflects that Dorner was also aware of the fundamental transition in our mental faculties – “the transition from thinking in terms of eternal basic condition to thinking in terms of a self-changing basis.” The key factor as a profound force that led to this change at work in life is the dimension of time, breaking the timeless foundation of history, unifying past and present, resulting in a constant self-transformation. (19) 
Posted by:Liyang DING

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